Muziek: muzikale meditatie

Musical meditation (zikr)

vrijdag 10 november 2017 om 19:30
vrijdag 10 november 2017 om 21:30
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Marjolein Mabelis
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Mabelis, Huis van Hans en Marjolein
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Lovers find secret places inside this violent world
where they make transactions with beauty.

Reason says, Nonsense.
I have walked and measured the walls here.
There are no places like that.

Love says, There are.

Jalaluddin Rumi

Is there anybody who doesn’t worry about where humanity is heading? Is there anybody who doesn’t sometimes feel tiny and powerless?
Love is a source of hope that never dries up, a gift that never stops giving. Sufi teacher Fazal Inayat Khan said: “You can always love more.”
How can love help us not to give in to feelings of helplessness. How can it help us to keep the hope for a better world alive and contribute in an active yet equanimous way?
I was much inspired by this month’s Notes from the Open Path (

Doing zikr together helps us, if only to open our hearts.
Will you come and join us Friday evening?

What: musical meditation (zikr*)
Where: Amsterdam (click link behind Locatie above for the address and route)
When: Friday November 10 Time: 7:30pm (please arrive 7:50 at the latest) till approximately 9:30pm

It is convenient for us if you can let us know you are coming by e-mail (or by phone if you decide at the last moment: 020 626 7225).
If you would like to bring someone who is interested and prepared to take part he/she too is welcome.

The meditation will last about an hour.
Preceding the zikr we will take some time to share, in any form, what is in our hart at that moment.
Afterwards you are welcome stay for a light meal of soup and bread or to go on your way.

After this the next zikr will be on Friday December 8.

*zikr literally means remembrance (of the One); in this case it will be a musical meditation that has a lot in common with singing mantra. The meditation will be accompanied by an Indian harmonium.

Please check on this website beforehand, for if we need to cancel here is where it will be announced.

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