Entering into Silence

zondag 23 februari 2020 om 08:00
dinsdag 3 maart 2020 om 18:00
Sufi-Way Associated Programs
Elmer Koole
0594549863 / 0503164875
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A Sufi walking retreat in the Moroccan desert.
Sufism is a living spiritual path which found its origins long ago in mystical experiences in a desert environment. This walking retreat offers us an opportunity to experience how the vast emptiness and silence of the desert connects us with our own inner silence. As we walk into the desert, we are invited to leave behind our attachments, preoccupations and excessive activity, and orient ourselves to Presence.
This is the first time that Conscience Soufie is promoting a walking retreat for an English speaking public. It is open to anyone with a spiritual outlook on life.
The retreat programme will consist of Sufi meditative practices and will be facilitated by Karim Noverraz and Elmer Koole, two senior retreat leaders from the Sufi Way. Amongst other practices, there will be silent and singing meditations, zikr, evenings of poetry and story-telling.
The trek in the desert will be led by Zineb, a professional guide with a deep knowledge of the Moroccan desert. She will bring with her a team of experienced camel drivers and other staff, such as a cook. The camels will carry our luggage, our food and equipment such as
The retreat is organised under the auspices of Conscience Soufie and Agence Désert et Montagne.
For further info see the flyer: or contact Elmer Koole.