Lightsong - Inayatiyya Circle

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Saki Lee
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Lightsong - Inayatiya Circle and Healing Arts is dedicated to the integration and wholeness of body, mind, heart and spirit, which is the fullness of the true human being. Its vision maintains that each individual’s healing and transformation will contribute significantly to the restoration and scaffolding of harmony, peace and loving kindness in our world.

Its retreats, classes and individual consultations are grounded in a universal perspective that is relevant to contemporary, western needs; they are also deeply rooted in the rich and timeless wisdom traditions of the east.

Diversity and Wholeness:
Lightsong’s activities and services support a natural and balanced way of living in the world today. These reflect the multi-faceted aspects involved in nurturing and awakening vitality, joy, creativity, and meaningfulness in our lives:

Sufi classes and retreats
Sacred Music and Dance
Oriental Healing Arts
Where Are We?
With its home base in the Netherlands, Lightsong also has an international outreach. Its programs have been shared in many countries, including the U.S. and Hawaii, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Crete, Sardinia, Indonesia, Latvia and Russia.

Please feel free to contact us: e-mail :
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postal address : Postbus 633, 2270 AP, Voorburg, The Netherlands