Sufi retreat with Sheikh Burhanuddin

vrijdag 24 juni 2022 om 17:00
zondag 26 juni 2022 om 17:00
Bahiya von Richthofen & Ahmed Mostafa
Fransiscanessen Klooster Denekamp
We are very happy that beloved Sheikh Burhanuddin will visit Denekamp again!

Sheikh Burhanuddin is a thoroughly modern mystic of ancient tradition, called onto the Sufi path at a tender age. He received direct transmission of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, one of the most ancient and authoritative of forty existing Sufi Orders, known variously through the ages as the ‘School of the Masters of Wisdom’ and the ‘Path of Love’.

Sheikh Burhanuddin first met his future guide, the Grand Master Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani ar Rabbani, may his secret be sanctified, when he invited him to his German hometown. So overwhelmed was the nineteen-year-old youngster by the powerful presence of this master, world guide of the order, that he fainted in the street. Henceforth he was constantly at his beloved Master’s side, accompanying him around the world spreading the particular Sufi touch of grace and love.

As a wandering dervish and an appointed Sheikh (spiritual guide), Sheikh Burhanuddin is traveling around the world, inviting people to awaken to the meaning and purpose of their lives, to remember their higher origin and destination that is waiting for them and to help them live peaceful, happy and grateful lives of the heart.

In this retreat Sheikh Burhanuddin will explore different topics, will guide you into new meditations, will give space to singing, and will love to interact with you and answer your questions. The course is open to everyone, to those who don’t know us yet and to those who have been working with us for a long time. No specific knowledge or experience is required.

More info about Sheikh Burhanuddin:
Sheikh Burhanuddin’s Youtube channel:

24th of June (~5 pm) until 26th of June (~5 pm)

Location: The seminar will take place in a beautiful monastery in Denekamp, in the East of the Netherlands. ( )
We will be welcomed by the hospitable Fransiscan sisters. The monastery has spacious single or double rooms and very beautiful surroundings.

Gravenallee 30
7591 PE Denekamp

By train: The nearest train station is Oldenzaal. From there we can arrange a pick-up for you.
(See for train schedules)
By plane: Amsterdam Schiphol (from there it’s 2h and 20 minutes by train to Oldenzaal)

Language: English.

Price: € 285 euro
This price includes the seminar, 2x overnight stay, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner (all vegetarian), tea, and coffee.

To sign up, please email us at . We will then send you the bank account details. Your registration is complete once we have received the full participation fee of 285 euro one month in advance, thus before the 24th of May.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

You are most welcome!

Warm wishes,
Ahmed & Bahiya